ARCS was founded in 2002 from the initiative of 9 scholar advisors, teachers, experts in groups entertainment, in order to increase the organizational capacity and the quality of services offered to youths for their forming and personal development.

Afterwards, ARCS understood that youths can form themselves especially by actively participating to the life of their community.

Until 2006, ARCS proceeded youth projects and programmes, promovated volunteer work and was involved in forming the experts who work for youths.

ARCS is member of RuralNet since 2003 – active organizations network for communitarian development and 2006 is the second year in which ARCS is a member in the RuralNet’s Coordinating Committee. In RuralNet, ARCS is actively involved  in the process of developing National Plan for Rural Development- especially axe 4- Leader Programme.

Since 2005, ARCS is a member of the consultancy committee for developing youth politics for National Authority  for Youth.

Since 2003, ARCS is a member of GEN network – organizations which promote gender equality in Romania.

Since 2007, ARCS is member of SONG – the network of the resources centers for the ONG in Romania.

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