The communitarian Oraganization in Romania

  • The  participation to the web ECON-web which has been formed to the European standard- the participation to the meeting  for initiate the web  for PARIS
  • The project Communitarian Organization  for SAT in Mehedinti- SAT’s representants from Mehedinti  have participated to a briefing having as subject the Communitarian Organization-the project has been  financed  by DJT Mehedinti  and FES Buchurest (3.330 RON)
  • the preparation of the  project  Grundtvig on a communitarian organization in Romania
  • ARCS’s president has facilitated a process of communitarian organization (as  consultant for Alburnus Maior) at Rosia Montana-and as result Rosia Montana has voted the change  PUG through a  PUZ to allow the inhabitants  other activities on their own proprieties(in PUG only mining was allowed)
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