If you are young, … you want to have fun,…

You want to make new friends, you want informations, adresses, guidance,

you don’t have someone to talk to, you  have a problem and need help, … look for us…


6, Mihai Gusita str.  Drobeta Turnu Severin

(Mehedinti County Youth Institution , 1 st floor)

Telephone:0252.328221, 0727868427


Drobeta Youth Center reprezents a project implementated by ARCS and Mehedinti County Youth Institution in the program for Youth Centers – P1 (program from The Ministry of Youth and Sport).

The permanent activities of the Dorbeta Youth Center are:

  • career guidance and counselling;
  • psychological counselling;
  • consultancy – organizational management;
  • consultancy – project management;
  • information and docmenting on various topics (health, educational and trening system in Romania, community involvement, Info-Europa, tourism and leisure, voluntary services, etc.)
  • non-formal learning;
  • voluntary services.

The punctual activities are according to the needs of young people in Mehedinti County and they are pursued depending on the measures and priorities set by the authorities for youth for a certain time.

In 2009 these activities were:

  • „Voluntary, learn to want” – program for promoting voluntary services in highschools from Drobeta Turnu Severin
  • „Youth for the future” – program for initial voluntary trening
  • May the 2nd 2009,  Youth Day „2 Times Younger” (shows, contests, open air activities)

„The key of success” – career guidance and counselling program.

– “The Youth Center Drobeta – actual and perspectives” – program for organizing the center into departments, implementing a series of activities for selection of the young people working in those departments and creating a developent strategy for the center.

– “School for Journalism”

– “The newspaper Drobeta InfoNews”

The voluntary young people from Drobeta Youth Center were involved in the projects of other associations’ projects form the county (Juventus Mundi, Association for Echologic Tourism Camena, Association for Children and Youth Alice Voinescu, Association for Youth Gheorghe Ionescu Sisesti) both as participants and as resource persons (trainers in voluntary programs).


– one group of 45 activ volunataries developed and trained

– 18 distinct and specific activities implemented annually

– aproximately 300 young people beneficiate monthly from the activities in the zouth center

– support for other non governmental youth organizations to form and develop:

Association for Echologic Tourism Camena, Association for Children and Youth Alice Voinescu, Association for Youth Gheorghe Ionescu Sisesti, Association Step by Step Drobeta, Youth Association Grigore Plesoianu.

-support for other organizations to write and implement projects:

*Association for Youth Gheorghe Ionescu Sisesti: “Steps for Success” “StiU – Sisesti, Youth, Unity”, “Ï exist – I’m involved”, “Ïnfo-GIS”, “Tradition an opportunity for YOUth”

*Association for Echologic Tourism Camena: “Youth and their nature”, “Photographica 2008”, ReTiNa – Respect, Youth, Nature”, “Ï want to be your guide”

*Eselnita Community Association “Cazanele Dunarii”: “Mehedinti from YOUth – touristic guide”

*Juventus Mundi Association: Al’Ímproviso – social creativity and entrepreneurship

*Association for Children and Youth Alice Voinescu: “Childhood games”, “ÄCTAV voluntary”, “Ceramics – Between modern and traditional”

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