The project goal is to increase the network capacity RuralNet to promote principles of community development under the National Rural Development Programme.

Specific objectives:

  • To develop a methodology for monitoring the rural development projects in the first three months of the project;
  • Making a study based on monitoring of 60 rural development projects in the following six months of the project;
  • Promoting community development as a horizontal policy of PNDR;

The target groups of the project, founded the overall objective is RuralNet member organizations and bodies (institutions, companies, NGOs) receiving funding under the PNDR.

The direct beneficiaries of the project are:

  • A RuralNet 15 representatives from member organizations wich will receive training for monitoring the European  projects;
  • 25 representatives of member organizations that will participate in a RuralNet joint conference with the Central Eastern European Citizens Network on community development;
  • 90 RuralNet members and other organizations active in rural and regional structures of its MADRP who will attend the conference to present the monitoring study in the project – which will coincide conference with the 3rd edition of  Community Conference of RuralNet;
  • 100 institutions (public institutions, firms or NGOs) which will be financed by PNDR and will be the subjects of monitoring study;


  • Monitors from 15 local members of RuralNEt organizations  trained to monitor projects financed from European funds;
  • PNDR monitors Semniar training; A  study of community development and it’s role in implementing rural development projects;
  • The National Conference where it will be presented  the Study of community development and it’s role in implementing rural development projects;
  • 1,000 copies of the study  published and distributed on the role of community development in implementing rural development projects;
  • 30 Public Authorities assisted in the implementation of projects assisted by monitors of PNDR ,A  Site of Community Development in Romania;
  • 60 rural projects monitored;

Applicant: Resource Center for Nonprofit Organizations in Oltenia – CRONO

Partners: The Romanian Association for Counseling and Support and Central and Eastern European Citizens Network

Financed by: Phare 2006/018-147.01.02/03. – Increasing the role of civil society in the integration process of Romania, Component 3 – Development of the NGO sector and civic education.

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