EOS Foundation from Timisoara, Microsoft Romania, through the social responsability program Unlimited Potential, Civitas Foundation and The Network of E-centers from Romania organized on October the 21st 2009 the event “Let’s go on net”. The campaign aimed to bring people unfamiliarized with internet from 23 communities in e-centers to promote the usage of internet in order for them to want to develop their IT skills both professionally and personal.

In all 23 e-centers that participated in this campaign (Aninoasa, Brad, Tăuteu, Chişlaz, Săvădisla, Băneasa, Traian, Suceviţa, Jurilovca, Hangu, Rafaila, Fântânele, Corneşti Cluj, Sînpaul, Drobeta Turnu Severin, Iara, Păsăreni, Mihai Viteazu, Pătârlagele, Petrila, Deva, Borşa and Petroşani) 900 new users were initiated in the use of internet, navigating pages with news and information, creating Windows Live accounts, learning how to search for a job.

In this event ARCS volunteers from the e-centerimplementede activities of initiation in the use of internett and Windows Live Platform at Seniors’ Club, “Gheorghe Titeica” National College, Drobeta Youth Center, „Gheorghe Ionescu Şişeşti” Theoretical High school. The beneficiaries of this actions were seniors, teachers, relatives, friends, neighbours and young people from rural areas.

Microsoft Romania gave a 2000 $ prize to ARCS and the prize for the most popular presentation film. Some of the e-centers made their own presentation fils for the event and they were posted on http://www.youtube.com/user/ecentrero where, for 10 days, they were voted by community members and other visitors.

The winner of this contest was ARCS Drobeta Turnu Severin with 2076 visitors. 

\”Let`s go on net!\” campaign – movie Campaign

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