The participation to the RuralNet

ARCS has been a  member in the Committee of Co-ordination to Rural Net in 2007 where has unfurl the following activities:
  • the participation to the annual meeting of Rural Net- The President of ARCS,executive director ARCS
  • the implication in the first national conference  having as subject the communitarian development The President of ARCS
  • the participation at 2 meetings of consulting with the representants of MADR
  • the participation to the coureses  which were organized during  the project PHARE RuralNet (CREST Satu Mare)
  • the participation  to a change o experience organized in Republica Moldova (CREST Satu Mare)
  • the work for the  Strategy Rural Net for the period of time of 2008-2010
  • The President of ARCS  has been involved ( as consultant o CAR) in the co-ordiation of the 2 projects financed for RuralNet during 2008-2010
  • the payment of the  due of Rural Net  -300RON
  • the moderation on the groups of disscutions: , ,
  • Română (Ro)
  • English (En)