ECON – Learning partnership for Active citizen’s participation of disadvantaged


Period of implementation: 01.08.2009 – 31.07.2011

Aim of the project: to improve and develop a partnership between European organizations working with disadvantaged groups (from different European countries) concerning learning active citizenship participation applying the Community Organizing model.


  • To involve 40 volunteers from disadvantaged groups (immigrants, low income persons, pour people from rural areas) in learning active citizenship participation.
  • To make experience exchanges about planning a community organizing process between 12 community organizers from 4 countries and differrent organizations (partners in the project).
  • To involve 12 community organizers in local visits and in practical stages of the CO process at other partner organizations.
    • To develop an “E-tools platform” with informations on CO, FAQ, instruments and best practices of communication and learning between volunteers and experts in CO that work with disadvantaged groups in the European Union.

Project description:

ECON – Training for active citizenship participation of disadvantaged groups is a projects concerning the need of the disadvantaged groups to be involved in the community life and in the decision making process in order to adress their problems and for a better integration in the community.

This specific need will be targeted through involving the organizations to work with disadvantaged groups, community organizers and volunteers in the process of learning based on local actions (organizing the disadvantaged groups) and based on experience exchange between comunity organizers and organizations through workshops, study cases and local visits in a European context.

We will involve diferent disadvantaged groups in the CO process and we will have experience exchanges between the organizations and the comunity organizers involved ( we will plan together the process of CO, the instruments; we will give and receive feed-back to their local solutions; we will develop study cases with best practices in the work with disadvantaged groups).

The most important activities of the project will be: developing the e-platform for comunication, workshops, local visits, case studies and a conference for diseminating the results at local level.

Beneficiaries: 40 volunteers from disadvantaged groups

Partners: Dorcas Aid Hungary, FOCO e.V. Germany, Association of Leaders of Local Civic Groups Poland


  • 1 e-platform with the following features: forum, FAQ – profesional document, a place for each partner to post instrments, photo gallery.
  • 1 Meeting in Hungary for experience exchange between the community organizers – organized by Dorcas Aid
  • 4 on site visits organized by eache partner
  • 1 coordinators’ meeting – organized in Romania by ARCS
  • 1 presentation of the project on CD, edited and distributed by Foco
  • Case Studies made by every trainee and the persons involved.
  • The project conference – for diseminating the project and its activities – organized by Foco in Germany
  • The conference report – made by Foco
  • Evaluation Meeting – organized by LGO Poland
  • The project evaluation report – made in English by LGO Poland and by the other partners for their own national agencies.

Donor: The European Comission – Grundtvig Programme

  • Română (Ro)
  • English (En)