Community Networks – for prevent and decreasing the consequences of HIV/AIDS infection and family violence

  The project was implemented by ARCS in partenership with the Association Filantropia  Severin and the Bishopric of Severin and  Strehaia and also has been supported by General Direction  of Social Assistance and The Child’s Protection  Mehedinti and The  County Center of Assistance Psychological Mehedinti.The project has been finaced by USAID (Agency of United States for International Development) throughout IOCC (International Organization of Christian-Orthodox  Carity ) and had as purpose the improvement  of the capacity of local community to  revent the infection of HIV/SIDA and the violence in the family  and to develop services for the two categories of persones afected to the local level.The objective of the project was to  help the Filantropic  Committee which are working in the parishes in the rural enviroment for preventing  HIV/SIDA infection and the violence in the family  by setting up  a county web ,formed  of the representants  of the institutions -parteners in the project,which  grant   assistance and support to the local offices. These local offices are working   with volunteeers ,as representans of institutions of the local resource(Mayoralty,Parish,School.Medical Office) and develops activities of information about the risks of  HIV/SIDA infection  and about the effects of the violence in family,primar conciliation ,basical assistance for  the ones infected with  HIV/SIDA and for the victims of the violence in family.

The activities if the project were:
  • forming a team at county level  with the key representants of the institutions of  Mehedinti
  • 2 courses having as subject  HIV/SIDA and the violence in family ,the asistance of victims ,the involvement of community
  • the facilitation of the local  teams  to the expert consultants in the partener institutions
  • the initation of the service and the office of preventing and intervention ,offering the services to the community
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